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Some classic Goya guitar ads from various magazines from the 1960's.

1960s Goya "Essential" Ad
1960s Goya "Essential Girl" Ad
1960s Goya "Amp" Ad
1966 Goya "Champion" Ad
1966 Goya "Finest" Ad
1966 Goya "In a Class" Ad
1966 Goya "Stands Out" Ad
1967 Goya "Big Beat" Ad
1967 Goya "Just a Hint" Ad
1967 Goya "Jazz" Ad
1967 Goya "Swings" Ad
1968 Goya "Sound of Music" Ad
1968 Goya "Classic" Ad
1971 Goya "Kustom Gun" Ad
1971 Goya "Kustom Plain" Ad
1971 Goya "Kustom Wood" Ad
1970s "Levin - Martin" Ad

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