This classical 12 string Goya guitar of mine was imported from Sweden by Kustom Electronics in the late 1960's to early 1970's (1968-1972) as best I can tell. I think this model was still being made in the Levin factory but I'm not sure. The inside label say, "Model No. GG 5 and has THE SPECIAL SOUND in circular lettering followed by Handmade in Sweden." There is no serial number on the label. I believe the Goya distributorship was sold by Kustom to Keith Dodd of Dude Inc. around 1973 (who then put serial numbers on the Dude Inc. Goya label). Dude then sold the Goya brand name to CF Martin Guitars in 1977. For more information about Goya guitars go to my "Goya Information" page. If you have any additional information about this guitar model or Kustom Electronics please email me. Thanks


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