The following links will take you to general vintage guitar and Goya related sites. I've also included links to "Francisco Jose de Goya" the famous Spanish painter and known as the father of modern art. The "Goya" guitar brand name comes from the painter's last name because so many of his drawings are of early guitar players. The Goya guitar logo comes from the painter's signature. Please send me an email with the URL (web address) for any web site you feel should be included. Thanks

Stolen Guitars
Fetish Guitars (History)
Official Hagstrom Site
Hagstrom World
Hagstrom Canada
Hagstrom UK
The Hagstrom Pages
C.F. Martin Guitars
GuitarVille (Appraisals)
Vintage Guitars Info
Harmony Central Guitars
Vintage Guitars Sweden
Elixir Guitar Strings
Vintage Guitar Magazine
Gruhn Guitars (Appraisals)
Guitar Foundation of America
Guitar Salon International
All Parts (Guitars)
Gear Mall (Vintage Guitars)
Music Man (Vintage Guitars & Parts)
My Rare Guitars (EKO Guitars)
Classic Guitars
Oscar Brand Official Site
Francisco Goya 1746-1829

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