What happens if someone steals your vintage Goya guitar?

     This page provides useful information on this important topic. Please send any suggestions or additional comments to goyaguitars@usa.com with "Goya Security" in the subject line of your email. "Let's all take a bite out of crime!"


Common sense applies to any preventive measures against crime. Police in the US recommend putting your driver license number on your personal property. It's up to you to decide on doing that to your vintage guitar. You should keep your bill-of-sale receipts and other proof-of-ownership documents in a safe place. Take pictures of your Goya guitar and record the complete label information including the serial number. Note any damage or repair marks on your guitar that will uniquely identify your guitar. Look into buying additional insurance to cover damage or loss to your guitar.


If your Goya guitar is stolen report it immediately to the police. The only way the police can return property is by having information on it in their computer system (Note: the police may be reluctant to register anything that you can't show a bill-of-sale receipt or proof-of-ownership). Your insurance company will want a copy of that police report if you file a claim. Notify music stores and schools in your area to be on the lookout for your Goya guitar (the thief may try selling it to them).

Visit "ItsBeenStolen.com" which provides a service for listing your stolen items. You can list your stolen Goya guitar in their guitar database section. This site runs on a shoe string budget and depends on donations and volunteers so if you can help please do. You can reach them through my links page ("Stolen Guitar") or click here for their stolen guitars section. Vintage Goya Guitars wishes to thank Steve James of "ItsBeenStolen" who was very helpful in providing information and encouragement for this page. Thanks Steve.


You can help the police find your stolen Goya guitar by looking at classified ads in your local newspaper and checking online auction listings such as eBay and Yahoo. Report any suspicious auction items to the police and to the security team of the auction site. Thieves often use online auctions to sell their ill-gotten goods.

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