The original Greco brand named guitars were owned by the Hershman Musical Instrument Company of New York (Goya Guitars Inc) in the mid to late 1960s as best I can tell. They were made in various European countries such as West Germany and Yugosalvia. The labels would say, "Designed, serviced and adjusted by Goya Guitars, Inc." The "Greco" logo was in the same style as the "Goya" logo (which was based on the signature of the famous 18th century Spanish painter Francisco Jose de Goya). I believe the Greco brand name comes from the famous 16th century Cretan-born painter El Greco. A different "Greco" style logo did appear on Japanese made guitars from the 70s which may or may not be associated with Goya guitars. It's possible because the "Goya" style logo changed sometime during the 1980s on Goya guitars made for CF Martin Guitars (Goya International). Personally, I feel they were separate Greco brand guitars.

1965(?) Greco Guitar Catalog (4 Pages)
1968 Goya & Greco Guitars Catalog (18 Pages)
1970 Greco Guitar Catalog (4 Pages)

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