Most of these Levin catalog and brochure images were provided by Peter Ahlin from Sweden. Vintage Goya Guitars thanks Peter for his kind generosity. You can find a picture of Peter on the "Goya Owners Photo Gallery" page. Though written in Swedish (with the exception of 1973) these catalogs and brochures are still a great source of information about Levin guitars and products. Many of the Levin models are identical to Goya models. The Levin company of Sweden made the original Goya brand acoustic instruments for twenty years from the mid 1950s to the mid 1970s. The Levin company was acquired by the Martin Guitar Company in 1973.

1923-1975 Levin Catalog Covers
1956 Levin Guitars Catalog (9 Pages)
1968 Levin Instruments Catalog (15 Pages)
1973 Levin Guitar Brochure (8 Pages in English)
1975 Levin "75th Anniversary" Brochure (12 Pages)

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