Based upon information sent to me my "Panther" Goya guitar may have been made by "Galanti" of Italy (not by the "Polverini Brothers" or EKO as previously thought) sometime in the early to mid 1960s. It is a model S-2 ("S" for Sunburst design with "2" pickups) and has a serial number of 2437. I was informed by another Panther owner that the Goya Panther model preceded the Rangemaster model. That person has a model W-3 with three pickups and a whammy bar. They said they bought it used in 1965 and it was at least two years old then. They have the original Goya paperwork which listed it's price back then at $264.00. A "Panther II" Bass guitar is shown on page 10 of my 1966 Goya Guitar catalog. "Click here" to go there. There is also another "Panther II" Bass guitar shown on page 17 of my 1967 Goya Guitar catalog. "Click here" to go to that page. More information about Goya can be found on my "Goya Information" page. If you have any additional information about this Panther model or about the "Polverini Brothers" and their connection to Goya please email me. Thanks


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