My vintage Goya "hollowbody" electric guitar was made by the Hagstrom Guitar Company of Sweden in 1960. Based on my Hagstrom serial numbers list (mine is 466/177) it indicates a 1959 model. I've read some conflicting information in the July 1999 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine in the "Swedish Hagstrom Guitars, Part 1" article which stated that production lasted only a year from 1960 to 1961 for the Goya Hagstrom brand guitars. The article goes on to say that the Model 90 (DeLuxe) sold for $135 and the Model 80 (Standard) sold for $90. The Model 90 has a pointed pickguard (like mine) while the Model 80 had a rounded pickguard. According to the article there were only 177 of the Model 90 made and 370 of the Model 80 made. These Goya guitars were made for the Hershman Musical Instrument Company of New York (the original distrubutors of the Goya brand acoustic guitars from the Levin Company in Sweden) and are among the rarest of the Hagstrom guitars from Sweden. To see information on the serial number (click here). More information about the Hagstrom Guitar Company can be found on my "Goya Infomation" page (click here). I also have links to Hagstrom related web sites on my "Goya Guitar Links" page (click here). If you have any additional information about this guitar model or the Hagstrom Company please email me. Thanks


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